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The Book

Children’s Book Of Natural Excellence.

Ten Smart features are available from Mother Lizzie Wilkerson’s book for bright STEM futures for children:

1. Art Appreciation : Learn Farming Game from 12 Visual Art Paintings

2. Culture : Learn Game of Farming for Food and Fun with Family

3. Language: Play Alphabet and Words Games with Friend

4. Logical Thinking: Play Puzzles to Learn and Grow Brighter

5. Reading / Writing Practice Models: Play Read / Write Game for Fun (Voice Over available)

6. Nature (Gardening and Science of Agriculture)

7. People / Money : Learn Game of Buyers and Sellers Exchange with Family ( Learn to Count Money)

8. Self – Learning : Play Hidden Details Game for Fun with Friends

9. Healthy Eating : Play Game of Grow Your Own Food with Family (Learn Science of Growing Food )

10. Work Ethic / Drive : Learn Five Golden Values for Fun and Practice (Learn How to do Work)

Let’s Go See Mother Wilkerson’s Farm “Gold Seal Award

This book is created for the world of children and adults who are unfamiliar with the early 20th century farming culture. It is designed as a teaching experience about Mother Lizzie Wilkerson’s life on her family farm. Also, this resource has the purpose of promoting self-reliance through enterprises as demonstrated daily a hundred years ago on a typical family farm. Such traditional values which required a spirit of commitment, active then, is missing today.

A vegetable garden was common, at that time, for personal use and commercial sales. Mother Wilkerson, as easily seen in her paintings, when a child, enjoyed traveling with her father to sell vegetables in the city of Covington, Georgia. Today, most families are no longer dependant on home grown vegetables. Fishing was also a regular practice with the Wilkerson family. Lifestyles have changed and families now lack interest. Both gardening and fishing are possible today for adventure, entertainment, and pleasure. However, such skills are rarely encouraged or taught to younger generations. The goal of this work seeks to encourage all of the above positive strengths. The five Adventures are:

1. Producers and Consumers Adventure
2. Your winning Future Adventure
3. Self-Expression Adventure
4. World travel Adventures and
5. Platinum Growth Adventure

It is also the purpose of this book to inspire young minds to focus on their potential to explore all the avenues of self-motivating entrepreneurship as an alternative to being a lifetime employee of the corporate culture. Schematic designs shall be given to show the parallels of the principles behind planting a successful family vegetable garden, owning a curbside lemonade stand and profits from other start-up possibilities of development.

Finally, it is expected upon completion, the reader will have a greater understanding of his or her own creative faculties. Also, each reader will have a greater appreciation of the 21st century modern conveniences: electricity, indoor plumbing, washing machines, and modern cooking; all taken for granted by children today. Human ingenuity is a testimony to our courage, invention, and creative nature.

Let’s Go See Mother Wilkerson’s Farm Volume 2

These books are designed for the world of children and adults who are unfamiliar with the early 20th century farming culture. They are created as teaching experiences seen through the eyes of extraordinary art by artist, Mother Lizzie Wilkerson. Not only will the reader enjoy farm history in the form of art, but will also love the challenge of finding the details of each painting by number. The mysteries of knowing what are a well, a milk churn, a sausage making machine or…..